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What is Cannabis?

Mary Jane, weed, dojer, ganja, pot, grass, whatever you call it is fine by us. Certainly, it’s had many names across the millennia and different cultures of the world. One thing is clear however, cannabis is a powerful plant with many different properties and so much to offer.

The active compound in cannabis that gives the psychoactive effects (that’s a fancy way of saying the “high”) is called THC. The percentage of THC is the most common information you will see with a cannabis product. You will also generally see what the product’s CBD level is as well. CBD is another important compound found in the plant and while it’s non-psychoactive (no-high), it has many useful effects, including as an anti-inflammatory and sleep-aid.

The cannabis plant comes in two main varieties. First, you have cannabis sativa. Your sativa varieties provide what is commonly known as a “head high.” This means it works more on the mind than the body and generally provides a more energized and uplifted feeling. Second, you have cannabis indica. Your indica varieties provide more of an effect on the body. Indicas provide a more relaxed and calming feeling. There are also hybrid strains of cannabis. These are created by mixing genetics from indicas and sativas. This creates a hybrid effect, giving the user the best of both worlds.


The effects of cannabis strains and the different forms that the products come in are different for everyone. It’s important to remember to start out low and slow, until you understand how it affects you personally. So, begin with lower doses and go slow, spreading out usage over a period of time, until you are familiar with the product. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which strains, strengths and cannabis products are right for you.

Consume with Care - responsible consumption plays a major part to increase cannabis access for all

  1. Start low and go slow, more isn’t always better

  2. For use only by adults 21 and older

  3. Keep out of reach of children

  4. Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery while under the influence of cannabis

  5. BE CAUTIOUS. Cannabinoid edibles can take up to two hours or more to take effect

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Honoring our Veterans

Herban Oasis is veteran owned and we proudly support those who are serving or have served our country. Ask us about veteran discounts. We are here to support you in the transition to civilian life and ongoing medication therapy. Learn more about Herban Oasis Medication Therapy Management.

PTSD & Cannabis

Federal Study Finds Cannabis Beneficial for PTSD Treatment - VFW

VA estimates that 11 to 20 percent of recent veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as many as one-third of all veterans, suffer from PTSD.

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